Nordenergi is the joint collaboration between the Nordic electricity industry associations


26th October, 2015

Statement Nordenergi Annual meeting 2015

The Nordic power market is now about two decades old and has been a success, mainly due to a good market design with the establishment of a common market place with sound competition, co-operation between Transmission System Operators, and strong political support for deregulation. The power systems of the Nordic countries has proven more efficient and resilient through this common market approach, giving increased value and security of supply for consumers, industry and society as a whole. Nordenergi is working continuously to strengthen the Nordic regional cooperation.

The Energy Union emphasises closer regional cooperation as an important step towards a truly common European energy market. It is therefore timely to build on and strengthen the Nordic regional approach to electricity markets. The power industry will play its role, cooperating through Nordenergi, the joint collaboration between the Nordic electricity industry associations of Iceland, Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. The increased use of electricity especially in transport and heating sector – where green and efficient district heating is not available – should be a central tool in achieving long term goals of reduced emissions and energy security, both in the Nordic region and in Europe as a whole.

Nordenergi expresses our support for continued action to make energy markets work better across Europe. This must be the first priority of the market design and the best way forward for decarbonizing electricity and reducing our emissions. The Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) is a key to providing signals for low carbon energy investments. We underline the necessity of a well-functioning electricity market which drives modernization of the energy system as a whole. We express concern for the development of competing instruments and regulation that weakens the role of the electricity market price. As a principle energy subsidies should be reduced as the technologies matures.

Nordenergi will work towards stronger and pooled resources between the Nordic TSOs in line with the regional approach of the Energy Union.

signatur Oluf

Mr. Oluf Ulseth
Chairman of Nordenergi

Nordenergi secretariat, Eivind Hodne Steen
Telephone: +32498970397

8th May, 2015

Nordic tax report 2014 of the electricity sector published

The study contains a description of the national tax systems and an up-to-date list of taxes imposed in the electricity sector, taxes and parafiscal charges paid by the electricity companies as well as consumption based taxes. Read the entire report.

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