Nordenergi is the joint collaboration between the Nordic electricity industry associations


20th February, 2015

Nordenergi letter on the inclusion of EPADs in the NC FCA

In a joint letter to the European Commission, Nordenergi and NAET call for more consideration for the needs of generators, distribution companies, retailers and the final customers in Network Code Forward Capacity Allocation (NC FCA). In its current version the NC FCA promotes only FTRs and PTRs. This does not take into account the aim of the underlying guideline, which is to promote hedging opportunities for the above-mentioned fundamental actors. Nordenergi urges that the NC FCA should be adapted to allow the NRAs to choose existing market structures, and allowing for the use of existing product specifications and trading platforms i.e. EPADs in the Nordics, as equal alternatives to other LTTRs. Read the entire letter.

19th September, 2014

Nordenergi response to ENTSO-E public consultation on Ten-Year Network Development Plan (TYNDP) 2014

Infrastructure creates options. Compared to the vast sums expected to be invested in electricity generation, the infrastructure investments, however large, are small in comparison. But as long as the European power systems are fundamentally different, the option values created by building new infrastructure must be accounted for. In the Baltic and Nordic Sea regions, all bidding areas have their own characteristics. This fundamental truth makes it more likely that there will be too little infrastructure built than too much. Read the entire response.

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